National Poll Results

A new poll by Angus Reid in partnership with Fair Vote Canada shows strong support for a citizens’ assembly as a mechanism to allow ordinary citizens to lead the conversation on electoral reform. 

Here are the results from questions included in a survey of 1,510 Canadians conducted from September 12-13, 2019. Full tables here.

85% of respondents agree that best way to achieve electoral reform is with input from citizens across the country.

Respondents were then introduced to the idea of a National Citizens’ Assembly: 

“Questions have been raised about the best way to examine the issue of electoral reform. One proposal is to hold a national citizens’ assembly. A citizens’ assembly is a non-partisan group of citizens independently selected to represent the public that is given the time and resources to:


  • Learn about electoral reform issues from experts from Canada and around the world;
  • Consult with Canadians in communities across the country;
  • Take what they have learned and make a recommendation to the federal government for a new or updated voting system in Canada.”
83% support a national citizens’ assembly on electoral reform.
79% agree that the party that forms government in the federal election should organize a National Citizens' Assembly on electoral reform.